Call for Papers

The 6th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology (EMFA 2017) will take place from August 18-19, 2017 in Rome (Italy), organized by the American University of Rome in the beautiful  venue of NH Collection Vittorio Veneto (Corso d'Italia, 1 -  00198, Rome , Italy) in Villa Borghese, one of the most famous and beautiful landscape gardens of Rome.

The forensic meeting will be focused on:





Human taphonomy;


Art/antiquities crimes;

Forensic case studies;


Additionally, a workshop on Art and Antiquities Crimes and an on-site visit to the Scientific Investigations Carabinieri Group will be offered during EMFA 2017.

You and your colleagues are also kindly invited to give an oral presentation and/or present a poster on the above forensic archaeological topics during the EMFA 2017.

During the EMFA 2017 Conference, thanks to the Series Editor - Henk Kars - some papers will be selected to be part of the third new title in the Springer Series: Soil Forensics, focused on Forensic Archaeology and related topics. Mike Groen and Pier Matteo Barone will be the Editors of this, selecting the papers during next EMFA 2017.